Group Members

Jessica Nirkko

I’m originally from Bern, Switzerland, and currently in my final year of studies for my BSc in Biotechnology. I’ll be doing my Honours project in the Wallace lab where I will be producing catalytically active exopolysaccharide slimes (hopefully…).

I’m currently really interested in Synthetic Biology and Plant Biotechnology and would like to pursue a PhD in these directions in the future, as I am passionate about working toward more sustainable production methods, energy sources and food security.

In the past summers I have worked in various institutes at the University of Bern (Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry and the Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology). Most recently I spent my summer holidays working on various genome sequencing projects for Forest Research, funded by a BSPP undergraduate bursary. My most chemistry-related self-conducted project was my final year project in high school (‘Maturaarbeit’), in which I detected cocaine on Swiss banknotes and was able to use lab facilities at the ETH Zurich.

My extracurricular activities include being an avid member of the Edinburgh University Archery Club, in which I’m hoping to achieve a half-blues or blues award this year.